New Delhi: ThoughDelhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is presumably quite busy preparing for the upcoming elections next year, he took some time out of his jam-packed schedule and informed one concerned social media user that he has taken his muffler off a long time ago. “It’s cold. Please take care, everybody,” read Kejriwal’s Christmas tweet in reply to a question posed on Twitter. “You didn’t notice,” he tweeted. The Twitterati asked Delhi CM about his muffler.


He and his muffle debuted at the same time — in 2013 when he was running his campaign for the first time for Delhi CM. He was unmistakably spotted with a muffler. Then he became the CM and relinquished. But neither he nor his muffler could ever be faded into oblivion.

Delhi CM was suffering from a persistent chronic cough problem for years together. He went to Bengaluru for naturopathy treatment several times and before people actually noticed, the muffler vanished.


Kejriwal’s muffler also became a political prop as he was referred to as the muffler man. He himself made fun of his mufflers when in 2015, the CBI had raided the Delhi Secretariat. “Recently a raid was conducted by Modiji. Nothing was found. My office was recently raided. If they raid my house, they will find nothing else, but only 4 unaccounted mufflers,” the CM had said.

Meanwhile, Delhi witnessed the longest cold day spell in December — the mercury on Wednesday reaching 5.4 degree Celsius. “Delhi so far has recorded longest and extremely cold day spell in December month, since 1997,” the IMD said.