The trailer of hate story three made it evident that the movie mainly focuses on sex and various aspects of sex. The direction of the movie was evident from the first scene of the trailer which clearly shows the distinct backdrop of a studio. However there are a few simple things in the movie that will blow your mind, literally.

1. The random yelling

Normal movies have a gradual development of fights, which progresses into yelling. This phenomenon or basic human tendency is non existent in this movie. Each character randomly turns a normal sensible conversation into a screaming competition which is amplified by the Dolby effects. This movies truly makes us cry about the evolution of sound systems.

2. The designer dresses

Of course it is stupid to expect good dressing sense in a movie which mainly focuses on unclothing the main lead, but there are a few fashion faux paus that will make your eyes pain. From the glitter dress backed by glitter shoes to the red leather jackets shining in the disco light, this movie is bound to damage your eyesight.

3. The popping of songs

Hindi movies have been known for the random and unwanted inclusion of songs, but hate story 3 takes it to a whole new level. Each description of character is followed by a song that stands to back the description. Be it the description of Mr. Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover) as a “rich vulgar rascal” or Daisy Shah’s promise of helping him by being more than a friend.

4. The inability to act

Even though the movie is named hate story, you expect an actor like Sharman Joshi to act. But be ready to be disappointed! Sharman Joshi’s acting seems to be forced and the charming actor seems to be too dependent on the director’s instruction. To add to it you get a treat of Zarine Khan, Daisy Shah and Karan Singh Grover who try to overact and compensate for Sharman!

5. The random smiling guy

The character of Saurav Singhania’s “assistant” is one of the most senseless or unnecessary character. He is only seen repeating what is already known to us to “the main guy” via phone. In a normal movie you would ignore this character, in movie which is designed to trigger your nerves it stands out and physically hurts your brain. (Also Read- Hate Story 3 movie review: This revenge saga is titillating, but that’s all!)

6. The direction

The director seems to have fallen in love with Ekta Kapoor’s style of direction. So be ready to bare the random repetitive twists and turns of the camera and do not worry you will also get the sound effects in a new version of “dhadan dhadan dhadan”