Have you ever bought clothing a size too small on purpose?

Have you ever overheard a woman saying how she loves seeing her jackets shrink after putting it for a wash in the washing machine just cause its an incentive to lose weight? Or seen her wearing clothes that are obviously way too tight for her? Well, why? Are they insane?

A UK based survey showed that out of 1000 women, a good 48% admitted that they buy clothes up to three sizes smaller than their size. While 38% of the women didn’t mind going up one size with an increase in weight, the others chose to do something that is called social shopping.

According to the size conscious ladies, the small clothes in their wardrobe inspire them to lose weight and try and fit into the cute small outfits they have bought.

But the funny part which most ladies conveniently seem  to forget is that most clothes, in a matter of time, after repetitive washing tend to become bigger and loose. So its just a matter of time until they fit.