On December, 1903 Wright Brothers flew world’s first airplane in America. Interestingly-and factually-this had been done already been done by a Maharashtrian, more specially by an Indian. And that’s the story of Vibhu Virender Puri’s forthcoming movie Hawaizaada.Meet Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, the long forgotten scientist who was known for having created India’s first unnamed aeroplane. And here’s Ayushmann Khurrana portraying the genius on celluloid. Pallavi Sharda-who was last seen in Ranbir Kapoor starrer Beshram will play Khurrana’s love interest.

Hawaizaada seems different with Khurrana playing a young scientist who is also a dreamer. With his curly mop of hair and quirky avatar Khurrana is all set to charm us, yet again. He plays this dreamer who has the courage of conviction that he can craft something that has only been the dreams are made of. He faces a set of hurdles and innumerable challenges to make his dream a reality. Even colossal British Empire is against the man’s overpowering ambition. The westerners fear the fact that an Indian could take the flight of imagination even before they start entertaining the idea.

Will the man take the leap of faith and succeed and this unimaginable endevour?

The film is set to release on 30th January 2015.