With each juicy bite, have you ever realised that watermelon is made up of 92 per cent of water content. The fruit rich in antioxidants and amino acids is the most nutritious and thirst quenching fruit that you might ever come across. But if can’t seem to help yourself to have the fruit, just thinking about the efforts you will have to take to cut the enormous fruit, here is a quick hack that you could use.(ALSO READ: 3 Beauty foods for radiant, glowing and beautiful skin!)

If you prefer juicing fruits this tip and trick might prove to be your best ever method to consume watermelon. All you need to have is a kitchen knife, a driller and watermelon.Simply cut a square shaped piece into the skin of water melon and insert  the driller to be used as the blender. Now turn on the driller and blend till you are only left with the watermelon pulp. Pour it out into a glass and enjoy your drink.(ALSO READ:Get radiant skin, shiny hair with these 6 detox smoothies)