New Delhi: At a time when people are still figuring out whether ‘pineapple on pizza’ is a good idea, another bizarre food combination has puzzled social media. Well, seems like someone went too far this time and merged two of our favorite comfort foods together -pizza and gulab jamun. And the result: Gulab Jamun pizza!

It all started when a Pakistani digital news platform, Naya Daur Media, shared a picture of the pizza which took the internet by storm. The picture first appeared on Reddit on the site’s Pakistan’s page and was among the most upvoted.

The picture shows a pizza with gulab jamuns placed on what appears to be a sweet bread sprinkled with some dry fruits. Here’s what it looks like:

Ever since the picture went viral, this weird combination of pizza and gulab jamun has triggered an online debate. While many were just plain appalled, there were a few brave souls willing to try it.




Some defended the idea and commented they would like to taste the dish. Well, would you?


Now that gulab jamun pizza is the most hated, pineapple pizza can chill now

Have any other such weird food combo ideas?