Drinking is injurious to health and we all know that. But sometimes, some conditions are unavoidable and in occasions, people do consume it to show respect to their senior colleagues. But, what hurts most is people’s habit of driving after drinking. Though being known to that fact the drunken driving is an offence and can lead to serious consequences, people do opt for it. So here is a touching video launched by Mumbai traffic police which states the ill-effects of drunken driving and is going viral these days.

In the short video of 3 minutes and 3 seconds, the actors have revealed the other side of the story which drunk people ignore to see. Though knowing that someone is waiting at home, some people ignore the fact and prefer driving even after understanding that they are not in stable condition. And more than that those are bigger sinners who make their friends sit for another glass, even after the knowledge that he/she has to leave for home. ALSO READ: Marijuana users five times more likely to become alcoholic

So, what is option is these cases? Sit in the bar for whole night till the hallucination gets over? No. What an ideal person should do is call a cab, or if he/she is not in a stable condition, then his friends should call a cab so that the wait of family never become endless. The message in this video is clear enough even for an illiterate person and has been released by Mumbai Traffic Police for public safety and is going viral on social networking websites.