In an adorable and heart-winning video, an NBC’S Pentagon and National Security correspondent Courtney Kube was interrupted by her little son while she was explaining the crises in Syria on the live television. The video made its way to social media and has gone viral since then. Many of the netizens compared the incident with the 2017 viral video where a father was interrupted on BBC.

In the video, Kube can be seen talking about the Turkish airstrikes in Syria, when her son tries to nudge her to get her attention. However, she continues to speak on the camera, the little boy takes a step forward to grab his mother’s attention. She then smiles and the screen swipes to the Syria map.

During the whole incident, she can be smiling and calm during live television streaming. In the video, she says, “Excuse me, my kids are here. Live television!” Soon after that she returns and continues talking about the situation in Middle-East.

The clip was shared on the official Twitter handle of NBC AND IT WROTE, “Sometimes unexpected breaking news happens while you’re reporting breaking news. #MSNBCMoms #workingmoms. (sic)”

The video has fetched 9.4K retweets and 44.7K likes so far.

Watch the viral video here:

One user wrote, “I think it’s fantastic that she’s allowed to have her kids around while working.  Good on you MSNBC.” While the other commented, “Coincidentally, both children were wearing a yellow shirt. Note to on-air staff: Beware of yellow-shirted children.”

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Many netizens applauded her for being calm and lauded her for handling the situation while others praised the network for allowing reporters to bring their children in the studio.