You will have never have come across a story so heart-wrenching. This mother elephant desperately tried to help the baby elephant that got stuck in a well. The mother of the elephant calf tried to help the baby elephant for straight 11 hours! She was determined enough to pull her baby from the well. The refused to leave her elephant calf and stayed with the baby for 11 hours. (ALSO READ:Baby elephant cuddles & sits on tourist’s lap!)

She used her trunk as well as her feet to haul her precious elephant calf to safety. But the elephant actually pushed more mud inside, making it difficult for the calf.The calf was almost smothered and trapped inside the well till the early hours of the next morning.When people got to know about this, they rushed to the scene to help rescue the elephant calf. Thankfully the elephant calf was eventually freed after the long 11 hour struggle inside the dark well.