It is summer and all you want is a water. Gulping down litres of water becomes the theme of the season, while dealing with same taste can be a little boring at times. And with the current heatwave, going out in the sun has become almost become impossible. Here are a few tips that you can be used to keep yourself hydrated in a tasty way. Brace yourself because these five ways of consuming cucumber will refresh you amazingly. (A little secret here- It keeps your weight in check!)

The ultimate hydration technique

Cucumber contains a lot of water and after drinking cucumber juice even once, you are surely going to get a hang on it. It has a slight tangy taste and you are surely going to love it. (Also Read: This summer 2016, use these 5 tips to prevent heatstroke) 

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Some freebies

If you think cucumber is does nothing other than keeping you cool, then you are completely mistaken. Cucumber is a major source of daily vitamins and minerals when mixed with water. Cucumber makes the absorption of vitamins easier in water. So another reason to have cucumbers.

Fresh breath

Cucumber ensures that you don’t have a bad breath. By consuming cucumber, you don’t have to keep that mint handy always, and also save yourself from all those embarrassing moments.

Healthy skin in summer

Summer comes with a list of skin problems. Oily skin, moisture loss, dryness and what not. But what if this vegetable is the solution to all your problems. After drinking water with cucumber in it, don’t throw away the slices. Use it as the age-old tradition of keeping them against your eyes, it helps really well. It not only takes off your dark circles but also makes your skin shine.

Weight check

This is the most simple way of keeping your weight in check. Including cucumber in your diet will make you feel less hungry and more thirsty. The vegetable has more antioxidant properties that helps in your weight loss. (Image Credits-Cucumber juice Style at Home)

Try these and let us know how it helped you beat the heat.