The one who feeds the nation has nothing to feed to his family, that’s the irony of life. Poverty and helplessness has taken a toll on our farmers which has resulted in the loss of their own lives. Sitting on a comfortable chair and earning lakhs is surely not as difficult as it is to go on the fields and work tirelessly without the guarantee of any fruitful returns. Life is definitely not easy for farmers in our country, and after they choose to end their life,it is like a hell for their families too.

Everyday the wives and kids of farmers live with the fear that is this going to be the darkest day in their lives? When the farmers go to the fields, their families behind become restless till the time the farmers come back. And this is what has been depicted in this short film  by Skymet Weather which is on helping the farmers. The short film shows a little girl following her father to the fields everyday because she has the fear that like other farmers her father too will end his life. The video shows the true situation of the families of farmers and how each and every day is really tough for them.

We seriously can’t imagine what will be the situations of these families who are living in fear everyday. We hope that after watching this video, your perspective towards the farmers will change and you will take an initiative to help them. Watch this short film below and see the real truth.