Bollywood actress and dancer Hema Malini was injured in an accident in Dausa near Jaipur when her Mercedes car collided with a Maruti Suzuki Alto on July 2, 2015. The accident victims, including the actress, were rushed to Fortis Hospital in Jaipur. Sadly, a five-year-old-girl succumbed to her injuries due to the highway accident, while four other people were critical.

This ANI video shows footage of the Hema Malini accident victims in Fortis Hospital. The lady travelling in the fated Alto car speaks to the media and explains that she cannot remember anything of the accident. She points out her family members, including two children, lying on hospital beds.

The doctor at the hospital says that Hema Malini only requires “plastic surgery” and nothing more to recover from the scars on her face. Pictures of the injured actress with blood on her face went viral yesterday after the accident. In the latest update about the accident, Hema Malini’s driver has been arrested after the death of the five-year-old. Watch video here to know more.