Hema Malini's tantrums and rude behaviour captured on camera (Video)

A video showing the tantrums of Bollywood’s veteran diva Hema Malini has gone viral. It shows the actress’ rude behaviour towards her party men, while she was on a visit to Karnal, Haryana, possibly for campaigning before the Lok Sabha Elections 2014. The popular actress-dancer is seen arriving in a red and white helicopter, and getting down uncomfortably. She seems calm for some time, but gets a bit upset seeing a white sedan waiting for her. She asks for a “Jeep” meaning an SUV for a more comfortable ride.

How can one refuse Hema Malini’s request? She asks for the big car and she gets it. But she continues with her tantrums, asking for the seat to be pulled back and dominating the person sitting behind her. We give the benefit of doubt to Ms Malini, thinking ‘Maybe she wasn’t well or something?’. Otherwise who would throw such nakhras for a 5 km ride, right?

Hema Malini’s tantrums and rude behaviour captured on camera (Video)