Cleaning the toilets is the toughest task for bachelors and often it is seen that they remain in dirty conditions just because people do not want to smell the filth they only have created. So how can they get rid of it? We ware here with a solution.

We all love coke and why not, its tasty afterall. But how many of us can think of a creative idea to get the toilets cleaned with “Coke”? If you people have not thought about it till, now, its high time. All you need to do is follow the simple procedures. Grab a coke, pour it properly at every corner of you toilet and leave it for some time. All you need to do after 10 minutes is press the flush button with your soft fingers and see the magic. (ALSO READ: Christmas 2015 Surprise: What happens when you see a giant light switch)

The is clean as new and the best part is the bad smell also disappears. Adding more, due to the use of coke, even you do not have to bother about cleaning yourself properly at the instant and can continue with your work that your indulged in. So, next time when you see a “Coke” bottle near to you, do think of innovative ideas that would make your life easy. For more information, watch the video.