Frida The dog hero has won people’s hearts as she got her own statue for saving lives during the deadly Mexico earthquake that occurred last year. the tail wagging labrador looked excited to meet her statue on the unveiling as reported by CBS.

Frida is a labrador retriever who can be seen wearing protective gear including goggles, booties and a vest for the unveiling ceremony. The statue of the dog sits next to one of her trainer, Israel Arauz. The ceremony took place at an ecological park in Puebla City.

A plaque is put in front of the statues and is dedicated to them commemorating their strength and how they came together for a great cause.

Frida and her trainer were deployed during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that rocked Mexico city last year on September 19. Almost 400 people lost their lives in this devastating earthquake followed by aftershocks.

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Friday was an 8-year-old pup at the time and is a trained sniffer dog. She is a part of the navy canine unit in Mexico. She has been credited with saving at least 12 people’s lives after searching for people in the rubble. As per LA Times, 15 dogs had been deployed to conduct the search. Friday because of the most popular canine rescuers and caught the interest of many on social media.

She has had quite a career in recusing and has saved more than 52 lives during natural disasters.

As per Associated Press, the dog who is ageing may step down from her role to train younger canine rescuers.