September 7: A candidate running for Canada’s Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s party brought immeasurable embarrassment to the party, after a video of him peeing in a coffee cup while on a duty call, surfaced online. Conservative candidate Jerry Bance urinated in a homeowner’s kitchen while working there as a contractor, reported Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC).

CBC used hidden cameras in 2012 to record Jerry Bance peeing into the cup and pouring it down the sink while on a service call. The home owner was reportedly in the next room while Bance was seen peeing in the mug, which he picked up from the kitchen counter. Bance, running in a Toronto district in the Oct. 19 election, runs an appliance repair company. Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Salman Khan & Rani Mukerji in Game of Thrones? This mashup video is hilarious

Twitter erupted with innumerable hilarious tweets, jokes and memes, making fun of Bance and his ‘pee stint’, and the topic was the top trending topic the entire day under the hashtag #peegate. Bance however, accepted that it was him in the video and apologized for his behaviour. He said he “deeply regreted” what he did and the footage didn’t reflect who he is.