There is no denying that dogs are super adorable and they always set examples when it comes to loving their masters. And now a video has been doing rounds on the internet and is showcasing a very cute love of a dog for his owner. The video cutely showcases how the dog cautiously sits between the couple and does not let them kiss at all. Whenever he tries to kiss his girlfriend Sara, Asi sticks out head and licks Dominik. Dominik revealed that Asi is sometimes jealous of people – like his girlfriend.

Dominik has two pet dogs but in this video, the jealous one Asi hates when he sees someone getting more attention than him. He told MailOnline about his six-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier and said how Asi is sometimes is jealous of others like his girlfriend. The dog gets super upset when doesn’t get the attention and especially when the couple kisses each other by ignoring the dog.

Check out the video here:

As per studies, jealousy is a primordial emotion and is seen not only in human beings but also in many animals.There was a study done as well at the University of California San Diego. The reports showcase that dogs feel jealousy. The study was done by having humans engage with different objects in front of their pets. The objects were a book, Lantern and a stuffed dog. The dogs reacted when the owners touched the soft toys. Jealousy like this form is so adorable. Don’t you think so? What are your views on this video? Let us know in comments below.