New Year’s Eve was a huge affair all over the world and New Year 2017 was welcomed with a bang. Los Angeles, USA took things to a different level this New Year’s Eve. The world famous “HOLLYWOOD” sign had a surprising transformation over the New Year’s Eve 2017. L.A. woke up to a greener 2017 as the “HOLLYWOOD” sign read “HOLLYWEED”! A prankster managed to change the ‘o’ in the iconic sign to ‘e’. The pictures of this altered renowned sign went to become viral on social media. ALSO READ: Best WhatsApp messages to fight Monday Blues on First Monday of 2017: Funny Images, Jokes & Inspirational messages to start the New Year.

The Los Angeles Police Department (L.A.P.D.) confirmed that they caught the prankster at work on CCTV between 12 am and 2 am. But the vandal is still to be arrested, the police suspect that it was a man. The L.A.P.D. are looking for the culprit. Meanwhile, the people had a view of this hilarious alteration till 11 am on January 1, at which point the police managed to restore the sign to its original state. This modification has been taken in a sporting way by most people who had a lively start to their new year.

Surprisingly this was not the first time the famous sign was vandalized. A spokesperson for Hollywood Sign Trust, Betsy Isroelit spoke to CNN and revealed that the last time the Hollywood sign was vandalized in the same way was in 1976. The alterations have been a part of the Californian life. However, this was the first time it happened in the recent years.

This prank also comes as a part of a demonstration as Californians have been voting to make Marijuana or weed legal for recreational purposes to those above 21 years. While the sign is now back to its original iconic state, we sure hope that California enjoyed this prank and their wants are heard better!