New Delhi: Love knows no boundaries and a same-sex couple from New York is trying to prove the same.

A few days back, a photo-shoot of a Pakistani-American artist Sundas Malik and an Indian-American Hindu woman Anjali Chakra, celebrating their one-year anniversary of being together, took the internet by storm.

The pictures, where they are seen laughing and kissing under a transparent umbrella against a picturesque New York city background, went viral, lighting the internet with its mushiness.

However, they are going viral once again, but this time for a different reason.

Sundas and Anjali, who often post adorable videos of each other on social media, recently shared a video of the two of them, on video-sharing app TikTok. In the video, the couple can be seen dancing, first wearing casual outfits and then sporting traditional clothes. In short, nothing objectionable at all!

But TikTok pulled down the video as per its community guidelines. As per a report, the video-sharing site restricts posts by users it identifies as disabled, fat or LGBTQ+.

After it was pulled down, Anjali posted the same video on micro-blogging site Twitter and wrote, “TikTok deleted this for ‘violating community guidelines’ so the rumours about homophobia are true.” She also tagged them and said, “@tiktok_us you wanna explain why this got taken down?”

Anjali’s post triggered an outpouring of support for the couple on social media who blasted TikTok and its policies. People also urged the couple to keep posting videos


After the news spread, TikTok reportedly reinstated the video.

Anjali thanked people for their support and said, ”Thank you all for spreading the word about this!! TikTok has taken the stance of silencing minorities that it believes are vulnerable to bullying instead of silencing bullies. Representation matters and this practice is wrong”.