In this digital world, half of the things are fake and others are worse. It’s difficult to find good content these days.  One such example of a horrible thing is- an app which is making headlines for all the wrong reasons and has become every woman’s nightmare. Named ‘DeepNude’, promises to create a nude picture of a fully clothed body of a woman, in just a click. They turn into realistic-looking nudes! DeepNudes is based on artificial intelligence, which has essentially evolved from DeepFakes but is faster and easier to use.

The software behind DeepNudes uses a regular photo of a woman wearing clothes and creates a new, naked image of them. It is so shocking to describe the app. When tried on a man’s photo, the app automatically replaced his pants with a vulva.

Thankfully, DeepNudes has since been taken down from the Internet by the creators. The Twitter handle of the app stated their reason in an official statement. “Here is the brief history, and the end of DeepNude. We created this project for user’s entertainment a few months ago. We thought we were selling a few sales every month in a controlled manner. Honestly, the app is not that great, it only works with particular photos”, Thank god the creators realised it soon.

The tweet reads as “We never thought it would become viral and we would not be able to control the traffic. We greatly underestimated the request. Despite the safety measures adopted (watermarks) if 500,000 people use it, the probability that people will misuse it is too high. We don’t want to make money this way. Surely some copies of DeepNude will be shared on the web, but we don’t want to be the ones who sell it. Downloading the software from other sources or sharing it by any other means would be against the terms of our website. From now on, DeepNude will not release other versions and does not grant anyone its use. Not even the licenses to activate the Premium version. People who have not yet upgraded will receive a refund. The world is not yet ready for DeepNude”.

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DeepNude app shuts down hours after being exposed.