New York, July 31:  The headline itself is shocking enough to horrify you and make you wonder whether humanity has gone to the dogs. New York teen Tiona Rodriguez, 18, was on Thursday charged with murdering her infant son, two years after she was caught shoplifting in a store of the famous fashion lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, with her just born baby’s dead body in her tote bag!

Had the store’s security not caught her shoplifting, the murder would not have come to light at all. It seems that Tiona was extremely adept at hiding pregnancies from her family and the world. When the police started investigating her case, they found that this was not the first time that Tiona had conceived. Also Read: Shocking! Delhi woman kills husband who tortured her, made her drink his pee!

She had gone into labour at 14 the first time round and again a year later, when she gave birth in the bathtub of her apartment. This was Tiona’s third baby and she had conceived this one in the bath tub of her friend’s apartment in Queens. After giving birth, Tiona had allegedly asphyxiated the infant and callously stuffed the body in her tote bag, which she then carried to the Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan.

Thus was discovered the grisly crime of the cruel teenager whose infant’s body was found in the bag alongwith a shoplifted jeans. Tiona, who is originally from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, had the audacity to plead not guilty when she was made to appear in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. Rodriguez’s lawyer, Earl.S.Ward said that her child was a stillborn and that she had not killed him. Also Read: Shocking! ‘Possessed’ 40 year old woman confined, starved and tortured for one year by husband, in-laws

According to the narrative built by Ward, Rodriguez hadn’t realized she was pregnant, adding that her condition hadn’t been spotted during an annual primary-care checkup a month before the birth. Surprised when abdominal pains turned out to be labor, she held the baby in her hands, checked for a pulse and breathing, found none, rinsed him off and started to cry. She wrapped the remains in a bag, took them home and slipped them in a dresser drawer because she couldn’t face telling her family.

According to Ward, Rodriguez is a “a young and confused lady” who panicked after she discovered her baby had died. “It’s a sad and tragic case,” he said. “But it’s not a murder case.”

The prosecutors would however beg to differ. “She planned and carried out the murder of her newborn infant and then callously shoved him in a bag,” Rachel Ferrari, an assistant district attorney, said during the bail hearing. She added that Rodriguez had sent a message to a friend saying she intended to “dig a hole, put it somewhere, lol, then we go eat IHOP.”

The medical examiner determined the boy lived for several minutes before he died of asphyxiation, Ms. Ferrari said. “He didn’t die of natural causes,” she said. “He was murdered in that bathroom.” The judge, Justice Thomas Farber, has ordered her held, without bail.

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