Well, in India we know that the footpath is no longer safe because of a certain actor’s alleged driving. However, people in China’s northwest region of Xinjiang Uyghur were unaware of this peril and dared to walk without any care in the world, so obviously they were in for a horrific shock. Pedestrians in China were left running helter-skelter when an SUV drove straight at them and eventually crashed through a hotel door. The incident occurred on December 6, 2017, and was captured on camera. The shocking footage was released for public viewing only on December 14, 2017. The speeding SUV ended up injuring two women as they were trying to evade it. The horrific accident was caught on camera. Apparently, the driver of the SUV hit the accelerator instead of brakes.

Hotel’s surveillance camera captured a video in which people are seen walking outside the hotel looking towards the road. Immediately, they scatter after spotting a speeding vehicle headed towards them. While a few of the people move away from the hotel, a couple of women head inside the hotel trying to find refuge. However, moments later the SUV breaks through a metal railing and collides with the revolving door, shattering the glass door into thousands of little pieces. The video was filmed by a CCTV camera placed inside the hotel’s lobby and shows the women frantically trying to evade the oncoming SUV. Horrific CCTV Footage Shows Mumbai Woman Falling Off Her Scooter And Getting Crushed By Oncoming Crane

Watch the video here:

The video was shared by CGTN on YouTube and shows the women trying to escape from the oncoming SUV but a metal-detector gate comes crashing down on them. According to CGTN, the SUV driver stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake which resulted in injuries to the two women.