That was actually a disgusting moment when a live leech was dragged out of a man’s nostril by a doctor in China. The 51-year-old patient had been suffering nosebleeds for 10 days non-stop when he finally made his way to the hospital. The doctor, thankfully, figured out what had been causing him all of this pain and suffering. Shockingly, the doctor found out that a 4-inch blood-sucking leech was lodged inside the poor man’s nose. The gross extraction was filmed by a nurse as Dr Liu Xiongguang grabbed the parasite and yanked it out. The disgusting video is now going viral on the Internet.

The 51-year-old man finally decided to go to the hospital after his wife claimed she saw something peek out of his nostril before disappearing back up his nose, leading her to believe there was something a little more sinister going on. He went to the Beihai People’s Hospital in South China and was helped by Dr Liu, who did the medical procedure to remove the parasite.

In the video, Dr Liu begins by looking into the man’s nostrils before using nose forceps to prise open one of them. The doctor then placed a pair of tweezers and slowly pulled out a live leech. While he pulls out the leech, Dr Liu shows it to the man – who seemed to be horrified as he saw the large creature wriggling in front of him.

Watch the frightening video here:

The petrifying video has been watched more than 1.2 million times on Facebook and shared over 18,000 times. It is not known exactly how the wriggling creature ended up this man’s nasal cavity, but it is thought that it could have gone up there when he swam in a river. Leeches can attach themselves to a person’s skin or even inside their nose or mouth. When this happens, the person suffers from a condition called hirudiniasis, as per an expert on leeches.