Do you wish to earn more than what you are currently earning? Will you consider begging? Do you consider beggars a menace? Well, if you know how much a beggar earns per day, you will right away question your career! This video by Indi Viral stresses upon the same. The video makers are on a social experiment to see how much do beggars earn in India. The Delhi University guy who is disguised as a beggar goes into the street and just in 2 hours manages to earn enough. The guy looks like any typical man on the streets with the help of the look giving by some professional. The guy earns more than what you suppose he is earning.

Although your sympathy might end up in some spare changes in his pocket, the beggar ends up earning around Rs 30,000! So the next time you see some poor soul on the traffic you might want to control your urge or the act of kindness and think twice before offering your money. Beggars are so used to begging that they actually prefer not to work.Watch the eyeopening video to know more about it.