It is that time of the year again. New Year 2017 is just around the corner, and it is the time we make a list of things we hope to change in the New Year and transform into a better personality. New Year resolutions have been an important part of the traditional celebration, and while many argue that it does not make sense to wait for a particular day to change and inculcate healthy habits, it is still better than not doing anything at all. There are various resolutions that each one can make according to their personal life and the habits they want to instill, however, there are a few that everyone should give a try to help have a better and happier life. Here is a list of New Year resolutions 2017 that you need to include on your list!

1. Hit the gym / work out

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You may be happy with your body shape, size, weight or you may be cribbing about it, in either of the cases, it is important to choose to work out or be active in any form possible. If hitting the gym or spending on it is not something that you want to choose, simply go out for a run, play your favourite outdoor sports, just make an effort to stay physically active. While we all enjoy the current lifestyle where binge watching shows on Netflix but when we aren’t staring at the computer screen for work or school, it is important to go out and actually focus on being active. So working out could be your first and foremost New Year resolution for the year 2017.

2. Maintain a journal

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It is important to have some habits which are old school. This simple inclusion is an important addition to our daily habits. Maintaining a journal may seem illogical, but psychologists have found it to be an important step in maintaining good mental health. Spending five to ten minutes a day writing out our emotions will help us in understanding yourself better and also help relieve the stress that we all go through. While it may seem like too much work in the beginning, once you witness the effects, you would be driven to writing out what you feel. Start with journal writing this New Year 2017.

3. Eat healthy

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It is easier and cheaper to order a burger from McDonald’s or choose a pizza which will reach you in 30 minutes, but it is imperative to swap it for a sandwich or to make a quick salad. Eating healthy does not necessarily mean you only live on bland salads and sprouts, but just means that you do not forget to eat your fruits and vegetables every single day.

4. Quit an addiction

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It can be the dangerous addiction of cigarettes or alcohol, or simply an addiction to sweets, chocolates or coffee. It is important not to cave into addictions and realise one’s control over such cravings. This simple step might be the most difficult change in your life, but it is also the most important one. Giving in to addictions is never a good thing and will end up in health issues. Make a New Year resolution specifically aimed at getting rid of harmful habits.

5. More of travelling

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Travelling can be an expensive affair, but it is also something that will touch your soul. If you cannot go on international trips that you see your friends enjoying, remember there is always something that you can actually do. Travel to nearby places or cheap destination because it is important that you take yourself on vacations from time to time and just relax and unwind. While at it, experiment and try new places, only because new places help you in having new experiences!

6. Contribute to Society

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We are so engrossed in our day-to-day hectic life that we forget to think about others and their struggles. It is important to realise that there is always someone less fortunate than you and it is our responsibility to help them in whatever way you can. So do your part, it can be something as simple as feeding a hungry beggar or something more committing like making timely donations to charities. Another simple thing that we can do is take part in events and spread social awareness!

There are numerous New Year resolutions which we swear by at the start of every year. But let’s concentrate on doable ones and stick to fulfilling them in the year 2017. Do mention if you have any New Year resolution for the year 2017 in the comments section.