New Delhi: To the shock of many sensible men and women, an advertisement of a weird product available on Amazon went viral. Facing severe outrage, the online retail store is believed to have pulled down the page as we didn’t find the page anymore. But, of course, the product exists! Somewhere beyond logic.


Priced at Rs 3,100 (Original price of Rs 3,600), i-Virgin-Blood for the First Night, as described, is an alternative for Hymenoplasty — surgery to repair the hymen so that a woman can come across as virgin on the ‘first night’. It’s ‘safe and anonymous’.

“Introduce the mini pill with blood – powder simply finger deep and about 2-4 hours before the planned night. The high-quality blood powder contained therein have then completely dissolved. This is intended for the use of 30 minutes — 2 hours before the scheduled traffic and also reliably confirms your virginity by our mini pill,” reads the description.

Though the description is not clear, it’s clear that there must have sufficient demand for such a product that it was made available online, albeit for a shorter period.

And here are some discussions about the product as well.

Photo: Twitter

That the product has been pulled down from the widely popular platform is good news. But what is disturbing is the trend to opt for such tricks to conform to the societal demand of a virging bride.

Since, it’s a confidential surgery, there is no ready figure available of whether there is a steady increase of women opting for this surgery. But according to reports, there has been an increase for cultural and religious reasons and because of the probable side-effects of a surgery to repair hymen, painless and alternative methods to fake blood are catching up.