Suffering from acne and oily skin is one of the most common problem anyone can relate to. Although everybody desires flawless, only few are born with it. If you wish to have acne-free and glowing skin you have come to the right place! This skin care video will help you to get a bright and acne free and clear skin. Make sure you follow the tips given in this video and make this beauty regimen your top priority. Oiliness and constant acne, can be a result of stress, menstrual cycle or your lifestyle. but this video will help you whether it’s adult acne, stress pimple or any other form of acne. (ALSO READ: How to get rid of body acne in a whiff!).

This home remedy is a must try as it cost next to nothing and yet deliver amazing results. All you need for this DIY skincare project is Neem Powder, yogurt, turmeric, sandalwood and dried orange Peel Powder. Mix all of the above ingredients and make a pack out of it and apply it on your face twice a week. Leave it until it dries completely. Hope this home remedy works for you! Say goodbye to acne and flaunt your glowing skin this Summer. (ALSO READ: 18 genius DIY hacks to get rid of acne).