So you have had too many drinks this weekend? If you afraid to let the hangover affect the next day when you want to get back to work, read on to know how to get over your hangover in time for work. This video will give you simple and easy tips and tricks to follow post a night of drinks to get ready for work the next day without a bad hangover.

Start your day with hot water and lemon, this drink will flush out all the toxins. You could also have a couple of bananas to load up on some potassium. You need to pass on the omelet or the pancakes that you usually like to indulge in the morning, instead re-nourish your body with a healthy smoothie. This will also hydrate your body and undo the bad night’s sleep.(ALSO READ: How to fix a terrible hangover)

If you feel that your body is bloated up after your last night’s crazy drinking games, you should try to stay hydrated, pop some pro biotic pills and do some warm up exercises or yoga.To fight nausea brew some ginger tea, take a cold shower and get moving. Hopefully these genius diet and exercise-based tricks will help tackle every morning-after symptom post your late night parties. Follow the routine and you might be all ready to face a new day just in time for you to start your commute.