How to pronounce fashion brands

We know you love fashion and know of all the big brands – Indian and international – and aspire to own some of the luxury brand items. You know your Givenchy from your Gucci, and your Marques’ Almeida from your Alexander McQueen. Ditto Pierre Cardin, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent. But do you know how to pronounce these terms? The names of fashion designers or the brands that they have built?

Most of us don’t know French or Italian, and struggle to pronounce these words or names. Here’s a video by Vogue India that asks designers itself to pronounce them! Well, most of them get it right (they are supposed to). Whenever they go wrong, a super on the video gives you the answer.

Watch this video to help you pronounce fashion terms easily! (ALSO SEE: Funny Fashion Phonetics: How do you pronounce Haute Couture?)