Best Proposal Ever

Expressing the exact feelings you going through as you man goes down on the knees and asks for your hand can be difficult. But proposals are something that one will remember their lifetime, that mixed feeling of joy and anxiety, something one clearly saw on the face of Brey Dorsett, girlfriend of Alex ‘Superman’ Johnson, a Canadian professional basketball player. Described by many as the best proposal ever with Alex’s action on basketball court and lovely reaction by Brey, the proposal video became instantly viral.

Alex Johnson who plays for Saint John Mill Rats of the National Basketball League of Canada had a one on one game with his girlfriend, Brey, also a pro-basketball player. While the two players engaged in the duel with dozens of their friends watching them, suddenly Alex slipped and seemed to have injured himself much to the confusion of his lady love. Just when she approached Alex to see if he is fine, she found Alex on his knees with the crowd bursting into giggles and cheers.

Watching Alex and Brey will surely melt your hearts and by the time you are done watching the video, you would be secretly hoping for such a sweet proposal coming your way. Watch the cute video and start playing basketball!