Often known to come up with rather cool and unusual stuff, one of the popular YouTube channels, Being Indian brings to you yet another hilarious video which is all about Punjabis! Punjabis all around the world are known to wear their heart on their sleeves! This video in the player below very clearly describes about different types of Punjabis in India and across the globe in a rather funny way.

Be it Dilli Ka Punjabi or Pind Ka Punjabi or an NRI Punjabi, they are all different from each other yet very similar. The video has Sahil who plays the characters extremely well, and we are sure of the fact that all those who have Punjabi friends or are Punjabis themselves can sure relate to this awesome video by Being Indian.

The accent, the behaviour, the preferences, or the choice of food, this video says it all about the different types of Punjabis. The Being Indian team has done a great research and a great observation and hence an amazing video!

Watch a new series of Being Indian’s Know Your __. This week Being Indian its Know Your Punjabi. Tell us in the comment section below if you liked the video!