The synonyms to describe the beauty and grace of our favourite Disney princesses will not be enough. After all who can match their beauty standards; picture perfect, sweet and gentle. But one thing that never escapes our mind when we watch Anna, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White or any Disney Princess is their beauty parameters are unattainable. Hence, Tumblr artist The Nameless Doll took upon herself to make them more believable just like the real people. She has given these lovely Princesses a plus-size makeover and it could not have been more wonderful. Also Read: Katrina Kaif,Alia Bhatt,Deepika Padukone & Sonam Kapoor: Bollywood actresses as Disney Princesses.

The Nameless Doll chose the best of Disney’s leading female characters and gave them a touch of reality. She chose to give much needed makeover to Anna from Frozen, Rapunzel, Belle from Beauty and The Beast, Ariel and Princess Anastasia. The originals were replaced of their thin structure, sculpted cheekbones and sharp ligaments and modified into fuller body frame. Their bosoms were bigger boasting of flattering curves, rounded face and overall a healthy looking body, which can be related to ladies in general.

Belle – Beauty and The Beast

02 - Copy

Belle before she dons the majestic look of Princess has been chosen by the artist to bring in change. The thin frame of Belle is replaced by a fuller breasts, healthier limbs and believable waistline.

Princess Anastasia

03 - Copy

Princess Anastasia has been given a new look from another character Sophie, the loyal cousin of Dowager Empress Marie. Anastasia who boasts of the cliche beauty standards looks absolute beauty in her plus-size avatar. She boasts of a voluptuous body, red hair and lot of oomph.


04 - Copy

This is scene from the movie Tangled where Rapunzel along with evil Mother Gothel is looking in the mirror. The creative director has added the magic of reality in this image where she has paid attention to giving Rapunzel a broader waist that is closer to the normal standards. Bigger body structure, no thin-stick waist and rounder face is just mindblowing.



After taking a look at the massive difference between the two pictures, the readers can realize the difference between reality and far-fetched idea of beauty. The bookish image of Ariel from the movie and books gets a big makeover in which she displays real beauty.

Anna from Frozen


Princess Anna of Arendelle from the movie Frozen looks bewitching in her new avatar. You tend to love the younger sister even more now than when you did after watching the movie. She does not give you an idea of alienated beauty but is just like anyone else out there in the world. After taking a look at all these Disney Princess, we wonder how about the makers ditch the age-old beauty parametres and bring in the much needed makeovers in their movies as well. It would be even better, if they introduce a new Disney Princess, who will be far from being perfect but definitely real – just like us!