Children are naturally inquisitive. They have a whole lot of questions and many times, you are totally stumped when it comes to answering them. You have no idea how to tell them the facts of life and especially, the story of the birds and the bees. And so, you ned up feeding them random tales. One of the funniest and also, the most difficult moments in a parents life is when the children ask parents where do babies come from. Now, it is but natural for a child to wonder. For children who have seen their mother pregnant with their sibling, the curiosity is even greater. They want to know how did the baby enter mommy’s tummy and how will it come out. And why not, it’s happening in front of them!

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But for parents, they do not know what to say. Most of the times, parents just brush their children’s queries aside and tell them things like children are a gift of God. or that fairies leave children by the parents bedside. or when mommy and daddy get married, they get children as gift. like really. Unfortunately, Indian parents and society are still extremely regressive when it comes to sex and do not share anything with their children. The kids grow up believing the false facts and they then find out about such sensitive topics through the wrong way. They also do not understand concepts like birth control or safe sex and at times, this can be detrimental to their health in the long run.

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Here, Y Films has come up with an amazing concept where they talk of sex and how to deal with the topic in front of children in their new web series Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa. Pappu is a 7 year old naturally curious kid and his mother is pregnant. When Pappu asks his father in the hospital where do babies come from, his father is stumped. He has no idea how to respond to Pappu plus, the father’s father (pappu’s grandpa) is breathing down their nose, stopping the father from being open). How will Pappu’s father explain things to him? Or more importantly, will he?