Working in office for hours can get tiresome and boring. We all go through this phase. So what do you do to stop being bored? Chit-chat, take a stroll, take some time off or anything but definitely not what these guys did. Six HSBC bankers decided to have some fun related to infamous mass murdering terrorists group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) by making a mock ISIS beheading video and this seven seconds video was posted on Instagram. Their insensitive step was reprimanded immediately after the shameful incident came in the attention of bank. They were fired by HSBC making their stand clear of not tolerating such an ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

This shameful act by the group of bankers first came to notice by the newspaper The Sun. The seven seconds video shows five men dressed in black jumpsuits with their face covered representing the ISIS members while the sixth guy was dressed in orange just like the videos released by the original terrorist group. They are heard chanting some Arabic words mocking the killings of innocent victims at the hands of these murderers.

It is reported that the video was made during a part of a team-building exercise in Birmingham. But looks like they forgot to being sensitive towards the victims and their families. HSBC spokesperson talking to The Sun that people involved in this “abhorrent” video have been fired and that the bank doesn’t tolerate “inappropriate” behavior. Watch this not-so-funny and insensitive tale of gruesome video.