Harman Singh

Image Source: YouTube

This is the story of 22-year-old Harman Singh, who became an overnight celebrity with his selfless act shown in the crisis hour. This Sikh man from India broke religious protocol by removing his turban in public to help a profusely bleeding child in New Zealand, which was widely appreciated by the people on the social media.  But Harman would have never thought his good deed would be paid back immediately as the young man was in for a pleasant surprise as seen in the video.

Ever since a picture of him setting aside religious protocol by removing his turban to cradle a boy hit by a car surface, Harman turned into an instant hero. Apart from several heartwarming messages on Facebook, he was also interviewed by a television news crew in his apartment. Harman, who is in Auckland studying a business course, seemed to be living an average life. According to the crew, they noticed the flat was devoid of furniture and that is when they decided to do something about it. You will have to see the little surprise.

The genuine effort to acknowledge the humanitarian gestures of Harman will leave you misty-eyed as you see the young man holding his tears back along with the presenters. Harman could not help saying that his father, who died last year would have been ‘proud of him after watching this’. Watching such acts will restore your faith in humanity because these are glimmers of hope to survive in the changing times.