We are always asked not to behave like an animal. But here is a video that asks you to behave like an animal and even for the sake of humanity. The video shows how many valuable things animals teach us. From basic things like cleanliness to the humanity, animals sometime show more modesty than any human.

In the video, first we meet a lady who despite being pointed out that she should not throw plastic glass on the road throws thrash on road, picks up a fight and screams that “do what you want, I won’t pick it up!” On the other hand we see a crow that picks up wrappers from the ground and puts into dustbin. Don’t you think the bird was more mature than the lady?

When we go ahead, we see an injured man lying on road. Around 50 people were there but did nothing, not even care to call an ambulance! The man was hit by car and begging for help. But no one comes to his rescue. On the contrary, the video further shows a dog which sees another dog dead. The dog comes to it and tries to move it. Then the dog covers it from the oncoming traffic, unknown to the fact that the dog is already dead.

The video encourages us to learn some wisdom from animals. Though, we are human and have forgotten the humanity. And sometimes these animals teach us how to live in a society.

Watch the full video below to invoke a human within you: