September 3: The image of a lifeless body lying face down in the sand on a resort beach in Turkey, sent shock waves through the Internet, right after it began circulating on cyber space on Wednesday. The image is just plain shameful and is perhaps the most harrowing reminder of the plight of the Syrian refugees, trying to escape from a war torn land towards safety and peace.

The baby was just one of the 12 Syrians who were in a boat, trying to escape to the Greek island of Kos, from Bodrum in Turkey. The escape was not to be and the boat capsized, bringing the bodies of the dead, back on Turkish shore. The baby, who has been identified as Aylan Kurdi, was just three years old and was in the boat with his five year old brother and their parents. Also Read: Shocking! Statue crushes crying baby! (Watch video)

Aylan’s mother lived, but she is in a very bad mental state right now. The video shows the baby lying on the beach amongst the oncoming waves, as a grim Turkish policeman looks over. The policeman then carries the baby and takes the lifeless body out of sight. The video can be extremely disturbing and viewer discretion is advised.