PM Narendra Modi will soon be seen mapping out undiscovered territories of the wild with popular television presenter Bear Grylls on Man vs Wild. The leader of the largest democracy in the world travelled with the host through unexpected weather conditions and refused to avail any facility that his guards were offering him. In his latest interview with news agency ANI, Grylls opened up on his interaction with PM Modi, his visit to India and what he took back after meeting the PM.

The BAFTA winner revealed that the biggest thing that impressed him about the PM was his humility. Grylls said that Modi refused to wear a raincoat and used a handmade raft to cross the river despite resistance from his security. “What shone bright for me was his humility. He was a very humble guy and even though there was pouring rain and his secret services were trying to get out umbrellas, he said ‘no I’m fine’ and then we reached a river. I made this raft out of reeds and a tarpaulin. I said I think we can get across the river using this, but the secret services were like ‘we cannot put the Prime Minister in a little homemade raft’. But he (Modi) said he was fine and we’d do this together,” he explained.

The host added that the PM’s smile is his biggest asset and he just never lost it throughout their journey. Grylls said even in the worst situations, while he was soaking and everyone seemed worried, he continued to smile. “We got hit by some really big stones and torrential rain whilst we were there. Our team, who was filming, was really on the edge, but the Prime Minister was just very calm and I saw that throughout our journey. Whatever we were doing, he was very calm. That was cool to see. You never really know what someone is like until there’s a crisis. It was good to be reminded that as a world leader, Prime Minister Modi is calm in a crisis,” he described.

Grylls further said that he has been in complete awe of the Indian Prime Minister and how he was able to maintain his calm throughout the shooting of the episode. He said that the PM trusted him with everything and even when his security team didn’t approve of a few things. “He was very calm and considerate, very trusting of me and we just travelled together. It was harder for his security team as they were carrying weapons briefcases and all that. The Prime Minister in the middle of it was an example of calm and cheerfulness,” Grylls revealed.

The show is going to be aired on August 12 on Discovery channel and Grylls is hoping this to be the most-watched episode ever.