Sep 9: A Hungarian camerawoman was fired from job after a shocking footage of her kicking refugees while recording started doing rounds on the internet.  In the video is seen, the camerawoman who is tipping and kicking migrants who were running away. She deliberately made them fall while she was covering the crisis for a local news outlet. (READ: Refugees flee from police in Denmark)

She was panning her camera when an old man with a child in his hand came running whom she tipped with her legs. The incident occurred near the border village of Roske in Hungary where refugees had been stranded for many days. While Hungarian authorities are trying to relocate the people to places in Europe, many of them are trying to seek help elsewhere.

This 20-second video was posted on Twitter by Stephan Richter, who is a reporter for the German television channel RTL. The video soon went viral which lead to the creation of a Facebook group “The Petra László Wall of Shame”.