A bizarre video of a Zomato delivery boy goes viral after it showed him eating ordered food which was reportedly meant for delivery. The video shows the agent is wearing a red colour Zomato tee shirt and is seen sitting on his scooter on the side of a road with his food delivery bag. The video from the unidentified location begins with him eating out of what looks like a parcel meant for delivery. Then he keeps the box back in the package and takes out another one. After eating from the second box, he seals it and keeps it back inside. He is then seen adjusting the sealing of a smaller packet after which he prepares to leave.

After the video went viral on social media sites, many people expressed concern over the incident. The company issued a statement shortly after, stating that it had launched an investigation into the matter.

A statement from a Zomato spokesperson said, “We take these kinds of reports extremely seriously and are investigating possible causes internally. We would, however, like to iterate that – if this video is authentic, given our multiple communication channels with users, who expect the highest standards from Zomato and highlight the smallest deviations and anomalies to us as soon as they receive their orders, this is an unusual and rare case.”

Watch the video of Zomato delivery boy here:


The clip was shared by multiple users online across social media platforms and people couldn’t stop trolling the company.

Check out the video here:

Zomato has also decided to issue new packaging that cannot be tampered with. They will introduce tamper-proof tapes.