This video taken during the recent floods in Chennai will make your day. While Chennai was under water in the recent floods, this husband did the most intelligent thing to save his wife from the flood water.

The husband and wife are on a flooded road with vehicles passing by. To ensure that the wife does not land in water, he uses a chair and stool to take her to other side of the road. Every step she takes is on the stool and chair. The husband does this till she reaches the other end of the road. The 14 second clip is titled as ‘Best Husband Ever’ and we completely agree to that.

Tamil Nadu was under the wrath of rains for about two weeks. The incessant rains killed 169 and displaced more than a lakh people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sanctioned financial assistance worth Rs 939.63 crore to the affected during rains. The Centre is also sending in a team to asses the situation and do the needful. (Also Read: Deluge to continue soaking Tamil Nadu)

Normal life in the Southern city was affected following the rains. Educational institutions were shut down on the flood-hit days. People were left stranded at railway stations with many trains being cancelled.