A technical glitch left newscaster Huw Edwards sitting in silence unaware as the cameras rolled live at the start of the BBC News at Ten. Huw Edwards was seen sitting in silence for four minutes at the start of the BBC News at Ten on Tuesday June 20, 2017 unaware of the fact that the cameras were rolling. The technical fault delayed the programme but left many viewers bemused. Viewers on some devices saw Huw Edwards writing notes and looking down at the screen. The BBC News Channel showed Edwards sitting mutely during entire time while BBC1 put up a message apologizing for the fault and played saxophone music. Later an announcer apologized on iPlayer and said, “Sorry about the problems there, we are now returning to BBC News. We are sorry for the break in this programme and are trying to correct it,” and handed back to Huw Edwards at the studio. Also Read BBC Dad Professor Robert Kelly’s daughter has a fan in Ellen DeGeneres!

Huw Edwards apologized for the delay and described it as a “few technical problems.” The programme started at four minutes late. Huw Edwards later on Wednesday said that he was not informed about the glitch and nobody told him that he was on air until two minutes into the delay. He said that he sensed he might be on so took the most conservative approach possible and sat at his desk reading his notes before starting the bulletin. Huw Edwards said that he realized there was a problem 40 seconds before News at 10 because he heard “pandemonium” in the background. Also Read Little girl proudly shows her new pink prosthetic leg to school friends, receives a hug and heartwarming reactions (Watch video)

Huw Edward said “It has never happened before. No matter how experienced you are, and I have been presenting for 25 years, its a very unusual set of circumstances.” After the broadcast Huw Edwards tweeted a photograph of a can of ale and captioned it as, “I think I’m going to enjoy this little beauty after that Ten. Iechyd da!”

Huw Edwards soon made it to the top trends on Twitter as amused viewers reacted to the technical glitch. Sample a few tweets below:

Watch the video here:

The BBC News at Ten gave a whole new moment for viewers to sit up and take notice and Huw Edwards preoccupation with his notes actually brought a smile and a guffaw on the viewers’ face.