After being declared as the best city to live in, Hyderabad is once again paving way for others to follow. The city has the ‘Wall of Kindness’ where one can leave things for the poor. People who cannot afford clothes, shoes, bags, books or other necessities may find it on this wall. Encouraging to make small contributions for those in need, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) joined hands with the residents of Rajendranagar to design the wall where the homeless may find necessary things. People also donate blankets, utensils, and things that are in good condition.

While most walls in the city are covered in pan stains and movie posters, the walls are now freshly painted in ‘Take what you need and leave what you don’t’. The concept is said to have begun in Iran and is gradually becoming popular in India too. Many parts of Rajasthan, Bhopal and Delhi NCR have also started the wall. Called ‘Neki ki deewar’ it is covered in graffiti and has hangars where people can hang clothes. This community refrigerator in Mumbai serves the needy and cuts down wastage of food

Telangana Today quoted an official of GHMC Rajendranagar as saying, People can leave old clothes, footwear, blankets and other items that can be taken by anyone and no questions will be asked. Anything that you do not need at home, even books for children or even food, can be kept on the wall.” Hyderabad had emerged as the Indian city with the best quality of living, For the third consecutive time, according to Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings 2017. The novel concepts help the needy get things without having beg for it. (Image- Telangana Today)