Hyderabad: 23-year-old B Sai Deepak has set a new Guinness World Records for doing the most side lunges in 60 seconds and dedicated his achievement to the Indian Army.

Deepak scripted the record by doing 59 side lunges in 60 seconds, which is his fourth overall Guinness World Records. The previous record was held by Pakistan national Irfan Mehsood.

“This record I have dedicated to the army personnel who sacrificed their lives for the country and promoting fit India movement,” he told ANI.

Not just this record, Deepak holds three more Guinness World Records for the most number of full-contact elbow strikes in one minute (alternate elbows), most full contact knee strikes in three minutes (one leg), most number of one leg full contact knee strikes while wearing 5 kg ankle weights.

Deepak’s main focus is now to represent India in Taekwondo at 2024 Olympics.

“I am training him for several Guinness World Records and the main focus is for the Olympics 2024. He is preparing to represent Indian in Taekwondo at Olympics alongside breaking Guinness World Records,” said M Jayanth Reddy, Deepak’s coach.

“We are planning to break 10 Guinness World Records this year,” he added.