Can a car deliver a message to space? Well, a car made by Hyundai Motor Company did! Have you ever thought about sending a personal message to a person who lives and works in space? Well, this video is nothing like you have seen before. It is just unbelievable, if not for the technical part that has been shown. The video tells the story of Stephanie, a young girl from Houstan, Texas in USA, who misses her astronaut father daily. He works at the International Space Station most of the time! She barely gets to meet him or talk to him. So Hyundai thought of fulfilling her wish in the most unique manner.

The car maker got 11 Hyundai Genesis sedan cars to draw in the sand a special message to Stephanie’s father in space. It read, ‘Steph loves you’. Hyundai made the flight of cars create a message on the Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada desert so that it would be visible 249 miles from the earth in space! (READ: Hyundai Motors to launch semi-autonomous car ‘Equus’ in 2015)

So why did Hyundai enter the Guinness World Records? Because, this special message was officially acknowledged as ‘The largest tire track image’ by the Guinness World Records. Watch Hyundai’s mind-blowing video here! (Edited by Shweta Parande)