When we get our wisdom tooth removed we get little perplexed, but this girl seemed to be totally freaked out when her activities were caught on camera. Her actual name is Emma but when she woke up after getting her wisdom tooth removal she started calling herself “I am Kylie Jenner, an 18-year-old reality TV star who belongs to the Kardashian-Jenner klan.”

Emma’s realisation made her rather unhappy, while most people dream about living a life like Kylie Jenner. Emma’s mother took advantage of her identity crisis and seen teasing her by saying, “So is your dad Caitlyn?”

Emma shouts and says “What? My dad is Caitlyn Jenner? Oh no, I can’t believe this. Does he know this?” LOL! Emma under the influence of anaesthesia kept on saying, “I’m related to Kim Kardashian. I’m Kylie Jenner. I just found out I’m Kylie Jenner coz you didn’t tell me.” She even asked her mother whether she is Kris Jenner or not. Her mother then asked her to stop talking because her mouth is still bleeding from the surgery.

Emma appeared to be in real shock and she replied “What? I’m bleeding? Oh my gosh, my life is so crazy.” On Sunday Alisha Zamora shared this funny video on YouTube, with the caption, “Emma’s lips felt swollen so she thinks she’s Kylie Jenner.” So far this viral video has been viewed over 298,548 times.