“We face incidents of sexual harassment on daily basis.” As the country is debating the latest Juvenile Justice Bill to curb crimes against women, Culture Machine’s Old Delhi Films has released a video featuring a few young women coming forward to describe their first sexual harassment.

The alarming video sees young women open up about their trauma and how they have dealt with it multiple times in their lives and in various situations. Right from being groped in a bus while travelling with family to being flashed at by strangers and dealing with lewd comments; these women have dealt with harassment and molestation in public spaces and in seemingly ‘safe’ places.

One of the girls shared a skin-crawling incident, “I was coming back from my tution class. This guy pressed my chest and ran away. I came back home crying and told my mother ‘am leaving my tution class.” Another one revealed, “A man asked me to read something to him. It was a pornographic pamphlet. I felt weird while reading but continued to read it out to him. Then he took out his penis. I was shocked and I immediately bicycled away.”

Despite the misogynistic approach of our society, these women continue to believe in humanity and ask everyone to step up in face of such harassment. Watch these women describe their first experience of sexual harassment in a chilling new video by Culture Machine’s Old Delhi Films channel.