Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni was once again at the receiving end from his World Cup 2011 winning teammate Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh. From calling Dhoni ‘an arrogant person’ to comparing him to the demon king ‘Ravana’, Yograj was at his abusive best. The interview video has gone viral on the social media as Dhoni and Yuvraj get ready for the eighth season of Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament beginning from Wednesday April 8. Also Read – List of most expensive players bought in IPL 2015 auction: Yuvraj Singh sold for 16 crore to Delhi Daredevils.

Yograj lashed out at MS Dhoni using choicest of words. The interview on ABP News news channel, Yograj vented his wrath over the captain of national cricket team. He pointed out that Dhoni has become arrogant with the continuous success. The former all-rounder said had he been a media person, he would have slapped Dhoni! But Yograj does not stop here and talked about Dhoni’s humble beginnings. Yuvraj’s father cursed that Dhoni will be roads to beg. He said, “There will be a day when Dhoni will beg and become penniless and would not get any favour.”

During the heart-to-heart interview, Yograj Singh said, “Dhoni was nothing. He has become a God in cricket just because of media. Media has crowned him as a great which he never deserved. There was a time when he had nothing but today he sits in front of media and laughs at media which has given him so much hype. He laughs at Indian people who clap when he scores a run. Honestly, if I were a media person, I would have slapped Dhoni right there,” said Yograj. Also Read: Why is Yuvraj Singh still a “big fish”?

He pointed out Dhoni’s ploy during 2011 Cricket World Cup final when he promoted himself up the batting order at No. 4 from No. 6. Yograj said, in the 2011 final, Yuvraj was going to bat but Dhoni stopped him and went to bat and became a hero. Why didn’t he bat at No. 4 this time? Why did he go at No. 6? If he considers himself great then he should have batted at No. 4 and guided India to a win against Aussies.”

Yograj Singh had targeted the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) skipper when his son Yuvraj was picked up by Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Delhi Daredevils for a whopping Rs 16 crore. He had questioned the southpaw’s omission from India’s 2015 World Cup squad.

“I want to know what is (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni’s problem with my son. He played for the country even when he was suffering from cancer. I don’t understand this,” Yograj, a former all-rounder in the 1970s, said. “If Dhoni is having personal issues with my son, I won’t do anything, God will do justice,” added Yograj.