Balinder Singh from Fatehbad, who is in his early 20s is working as an ATM security guard for the night shift. What makes this guy work post midnight is the financial crisis that he is dealing with. But the brave guy has fought against the odds and is also preparing for the SSE entrance examination. Balinder is not only working as a security guard but is also utilizing the same time to prepare for the entrance exam. He sits outside the ATM and studies in the street light.The efforts that this young guy is putting in while juggling with a lot reminds us of late Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam.

This was shared by a man named Harsh on his Facebook page along with the photo of Singh. He took to Facebook to share this motivating story with the rest of the people. Though the person who has posted has requested everyone not to provide Singh with any financial help, as it might deviate him from what he is doing right now. The intention of this post was to share the story of the brave guy and motivate others with an inspirational real life example.

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The man has asked if indeed anyone wants to help this guy, people can come forward and help him by sharing some quality books and study material for him. The person has mentioned the address in the post. Although we don’t vouch for the authenticity of this post. You can read the complete Facebook post below:

“Today while cmng bk frm a party I suddenly realised dat tomorrow is Rakshabandhan nd in d same refrence I looked at my wallet nd found it lil short fr tomorrow since I m blessed wdh so many sisters for dat auspicious day. I decided to go to my local ATM branch to withdraw some money bt what I found wen I reachd dere ws so motivational dat I decided to share it wdh u all.

I saw ds young fellow must be in early 20, Balinder singh from Fatehabad, a guard at ICICI ATM branch sec-11 Panchkula wdh some books nd ws studying under street light. At once I thought it might b some comic or masala book he must hv been enjyng to kil d time bt after lkng closely I realised dat it ws nt. Unable to hold my curiosity I asked him ‘Bhaiya kya parh rahe ho’ at which wdh a big smile on his face he said ‘mein SSE k entrance ki taiyari kar raha hun’ to which I again asked hm y he s studyng under street light nd nt inside ATM equipped wdh AC nd good light to which he humbly replied dat aftr 12 midnight dey close d AC nd so he has to sit outside bt which is absolutely fine fr him.

We often blame our failures to d tough times we go through in our lives wdhout realizing dat failures r our own creation. D above quoted is a perfect example dat success is nt ny 1 legacy nor d fate instead its kind of a 1 man standing match outcome in which opponent against you is your own hardships in your life.

I don’t really want ny body to go to ds guy nd help him financially bcz dat might deviate him frm hs goal but wat I wld like to appeal is if ny 1 has sum gd books or cn help him wdh hs studies do help him nd also if you can share ds so dat ds cn reach to more people nd he cn get best possible help in terms of achieving his goal because I really believe dat he is truly a deserving candidate. Tx!”

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