Well, there’s been just so much said about women and their periods. It’s a really painful natural phenomena every woman goes through once a month and one she has no control over. Unfortunately, periods have been hushed and everything about it a taboo subject since forever. it’s something a woman has to whisper about – she cannot talk openly about it as she’ll get glares from passer-bys. It’s something even social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have blocked as period images have been taken down in the past. Everything about periods is just brushed under the carpet and hushed up all the time. Even tampon and sanitary napkin adverts don’t tell the real deal and portray a flowery picture instead!

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But then, what if men were to have periods? Have you wondered how it would be then? How would period merchandise be sold? Would everything still be so hush hush? Would the sanitary napkins and tampons be they-that-must-not-be-named? Would they be passed on secretly, wrapped in wads of paper or layers of plastic? Or would it be more of a “man” thing? Something men are proud of. Something men brag about. Something they tell the world with pride. And what about those PMS symptoms? Would men still look down on them? Or would they just offer the PMSer a beer and all would be well? And what about food? And all that weight-gain? They’d probably just pass it off as “I biult muscles in the gym”! Bahh!

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But the most important part – their period merchandise. Have you ever wondered how their period merchandise would be? Just how, ahem, rugged and erm manly they would make it into? Designed in ‘manly’ shape with manly colours and manly packs – none of the bright colours, flowery designs and the “smell absorbers”. We might have one that smell like beer or perhaps after-shave? It’d be really interesting to see… Hmm.. And while these are just wayward musings, there is someone who is wondering the same thing like us. And using it for a cause. Check the video to know what!